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Make a paw-sitive impact with every snip and clip

The Sustainable Salons program services pet groomers of all shapes and sizes across AU & NZ.

Sustainable Salons is a resource recovery service that diverts 95% of salon resources from landfill and transforms those resources into a force for good, while also aiming to benefit the community and your grooming business's bottom line. 

From pet fur, salon tools, plastics, papers, and even any leftover can all be diverted from landfill and transformed. 

Join us in making sustainability reality today. 

Discover the pet-ential of your resources

Our Impact

Did you know pet fur can help clean up oil spills?!

The fur from your salon can be used to make a hair boom. 

These hair booms are dispatched to aid in oil spill clean-up on land and in our oceans. One hair boom can soak up to 4 litres of crude oil! See how the fur from your salon can help in oil spill clean-up by watching the video below….. 

How the program works

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Our customers care about our impact

Our customers and our staff care deeply about the future and the impact we have on our communities. Having a sustainable partnership with Sustainable Salons means that we can minimise our stores footprint. We are inspired by innovation that enables us to collect dog hair from our salons to assist in oil clean-up projects in addition to recycling plastics, paper and metals. Every pooch contributes too!

- Margaret Hennessy, Dogue, Australia


We service businesses of all shapes and sizes in the hair, barber, beauty, dermal and pet grooming industries. This includes home salons and mobile groomers too! 

Our program has a one-time set-up fee and an ongoing weekly membership fee. Our program is designed to be cost-neutral to your business and personalised to your specific business size & resource recovery needs. Our friendly team can always get in touch with a quote if you would like to learn more. 

We accept clean, dry pet hair from the body and legs. We are unable to repurpose fur that is matted, dirty, has fleas or poo. 

Yes, we have three differing sizes available for our bins to suit businesses of all shapes & sizes. Our team will work with you to ensure that our bins cater to your space.

If you have a question that isn’t answered above contact us today and one of our friendly team members will be in touch with more information.