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Make every salon experience a sustainable one

Your salon is a hive of creativity, but the potential waste produced is not so glamorous…

Salons across Australia and New Zealand contribute almost 3 million kilograms of toxic waste to landfill every year. Think chemicals, foils, bottles, colour tubes… Not to mention huge piles of hair clippings swept from the floor daily.

But almost ALL of this can be diverted from landfill and transformed into a force for good.

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While many businesses are keen to get on board, our current program is best suited to those in the hair, barber, beauty and pet grooming industries.

We collect, clean, recycle or repurpose up to 95% of typical salon waste, including hair, metals, plastics, paper, chemicals, sharps, razors, disposables, old equipment, even ponytails! If you have something not on this list, please ask.

We currently service metro and regional salons all across Australia and New Zealand. If you are wondering whether that includes you, please register your interest and one of our friendly Sustainability Experts will be in touch.  

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The program is designed to be cost-neutral to your business. Aside from a small set up fee, there is an ongoing membership fee tailored to your business size, number of clients and resource recovery needs. However, the way the program is structured, the resource recovery fee will not be an overhead for your business. Talk to one of our friendly Sustainability Experts to find out more.

We sure do! We know space can be a premium in smaller salons. That's why we offer three different bin sizes to suit every business. Chat to one of our friendly Sustainability Experts and they will ensure you get the coverage that best suits you.

Good news - the answer is no. We're keen to encourage as many salons as possible to embrace sustainable practices by keeping things easy. No need to pre-wash a thing due to our advanced processing facilities. The only request we have is that any pet fur is free of fleas, matting and faeces (yikes!).