Since 2017, Sustainable Salon's partnership with Mambourin Enterprises has been a testament to what can be achieved when like-minded individuals unite for a common cause. Together, we've been working hard to Make Sustainability Reality.

Mambourin Enterprises is a service provider that has been supporting people with disabilities for almost fifty years. Their purpose is to connect people to every opportunity and support them to get what they want out of life, offering a range of services and employment opportunities.

Paul Frasca, Co-Founder of Sustainable Salons, acknowledges the heroes of our collaboration: "Our supported employees are the true behind-the-scenes heroes that make everything happen. These employees are colourful, strong and valuable members of the Sustainable Salons network."

What initially began as a collaboration sorting hair and plastics, granulating hair for Hairy Soil and processing hair clippings for Hair Booms has evolved into a successful partnership. Two additional employees, Chloe and Casey, have been able to come on board with Mambourin as a direct result of the continued growth and support of the Sustainable Salons network. Both Chloe and Casey help to sort and prepare resources for recycling within the depot, as can be seen here with supported employee, Luke who is sorting metals for repurposing. 

And there's more! Employees have now taken on the task of handling member resources once they arrive at the depot, a venture that's not only expanded their capabilities but allowed the employees to develop a new skill set.

Through the purposeful work that Sustainable Salons provides, supported employees are able to participate in their local community and be part of a network of conscious people and businesses that are making a real and measurable impact.


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