Sustainable Salons member, DOGUE, founded in 1998, has recently celebrated their 25-year anniversary with their stores across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

DOGUE, a member of Sustainable Salons since 2017 currently have 6 locations on the program. Since joining the program, they divert up to 95% of their waste from landfill to be recycled or repurposed. Their most valuable resource is dog fur! Dog fur, much like human hair collected from the salon floor, is collected from our pet groomers and repurposed into Hair Booms for soaking up oil spills in our oceans, used in OLED displays and even in Hairy Soil. Hairy Soil harnesses the power of hair and supercharges the soil with a mix of nitrogen, calcium and iron to make your plants grow.

As well as fur, DOGUE recycle all of their plastics and cardboard/paper with Sustainable Salons. The packaging used from dog shampoo, retail product packaging etc, once used or no longer needed is all placed into our separation bins. These resources are then collected by Sustainable Salons for repurposing. 

DOGUE chose to join Sustainable Salons for a number of reasons. It was initially through the passion of their own staff, who became aware of the amazing resource recovery and repurposing of hair. 

We were genuinely excited by what could be achieved through recycling dog fur – of which we have a lot!

Margaret Hennessy | CEO/Owner DOGUE

Excitement about what their dog fur could achieve post pooch grooming, as well as a determination to reduce their carbon footprint is what prompted Margaret Hennessy, CEO and Owner of DOGUE, to meet the co-founder of Sustainable Salons, Paul Frasca. After an energetic and inspiring chat with Paul, DOGUE became a founding pet grooming member. 

In March, Sustainable Salons had the opportunity to visit DOGUE Bondi, their flagship store, to join the 25th birthday celebrations. We got to meet some fabulous pups, taste some amazing treats (human I promise) as well as chat with Margaret about DOGUE’s Sustainable Salons journey.  

Clients love that their dog’s hair is going to be put to good use – particularly when used in the Hair Booms that can offset the impact of oil spills.  Who knew that dog hair was such an important renewable resource?  They do now!

Margaret Hennessy | CEO/Owner DOGUE

DOGUE are trailblazers in their industry, setting the sustainability standard for other businesses in the pet grooming industry. Not only has DOGUE implemented the program, but they also share the Sustainable Salons values and mission. Throughout their stores, you will find sustainably-minded products for sale and they have encouraged almost each and every franchise store to join the program as part of their wider mission at DOGUE. Congratulations to the team at DOGUE on 25 years, Sustainable Salons cannot wait to see where dog fur goes next! 

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