You're probably wondering, how does a profit-for-purpose enterprise such as Sustainable Salons engage in a partnership with a local design and manufacturing company. The answer, purpose and impact.

Sustainable Salons heard that Defy Design, a Sydney-based company specialising in design and manufacturing using recycled plastics, were about to make big waves in the world of closed-loop products. Intrigued by their commitment to creating a sustainable future, Sustainable Salons wasted no time in reaching out. 

From the very start, both Sustainable Salons and Defy Design found common ground in our shared values of supporting the future of recycled products, promoting local manufacturing, and embarking on a journey of experimentation with innovative materials. This encounter marked the beginning of a partnership that would revolutionise how the feel-good industry approaches sustainability and resource management. Plastic pollution is a pressing global issue that demands immediate attention. If you didn’t already know, Sustainable Salons is committed to closing the loop on plastics collected from our members, and this was the guiding principle behind our partnership with Defy Design.

From Waste to Worth: Creating Products with Increased Value

Sustainable Salons' decision to partner with Defy Design was driven by the local startup's commitment to genuine upcycling. Defy Design's approach focuses on creating products that have increased value rather than treating recycled materials as mere commodities. They transform discarded plastic into inspiring and beautiful designs, breaking the mold of traditional recycling efforts.

The Development Process: Combining Vision and Expertise

We took a thorough and thoughtful approach, focusing on examining the products they were already manufacturing and determining how Sustainable Salons members could benefit from their innovative designs. We delved into their collection, searching for the perfect fit that aligned with our sustainability mission.

After careful consideration, we found an exciting opportunity to collaborate on a project that would yield tangible results—Sustainable Salons Coasters. Leveraging the existing product moulds available through Defy, we ventured into the creation process. This presented a chance to breathe new life into recycled materials and bring about functional, stylish, and eco-conscious coasters that would resonate with our network.

Transforming Brand Identity: The Journey Towards Custom Products

The partnership between Sustainable Salons and Defy Design has flourished since its inception. Initially, Sustainable Salons showcased our logo on existing product ranges such as the self-watering Plant Pot. However, with Defy Design's guidance and support, we are now well on our way to developing custom products exclusively for our members. 

For our newest Sustainable Salons product, Sustainable Salons and Defy Design embarked on the journey of creating The Sustainable Salons Comb. Although our team had a preliminary concept in mind, we recognised the need for expertise in designing for recycled plastic and manufacturing processes. Defy Design's industrial design capabilities and comprehensive understanding of recycled materials made them the perfect partner. 

Together, we collaborated closely, ensuring that the comb matched our vision of sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Defy Design's end-to-end design and manufacturing process proved invaluable, greatly accelerating the time to market for the comb. The introduction of the Sustainable Salons Comb is just the beginning, and we are excited to continue collaborating on many more innovative and sustainable designs.

Inspirational Collaboration and Shared Goals

What truly sets our partnership with Defy apart is their willingness to engage in open and informative discussions. Passionately educating Sustainable Salons about the intricacies of designing and manufacturing products from recycled plastics compared to using virgin plastics. This shared knowledge is invaluable, helping both Defy Design and Sustainable Salons better understand and appreciate the steps required to achieve a circular economy.

Throughout our partnership with Defy Design, we have embraced their capabilities and resources while also encouraging others to think locally and explore their own product ideas. We have gradually expanded our collaboration to include other companies in the creation of recycled products. These innovative offerings, available on the Sustainable Salons Store, include the 47 Gram Comb by Recycling Grams, the Pet Lead by Hi Jac, and the Hair Curling Tool by Tame Your Nest. Together, they represent our collective commitment to Making Sustainability Reality, where style and functionality converge with eco-consciousness. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to inspiring positive change within our network and promoting a more sustainable future, one recycled product at a time.

Closing the Loop: Take Action Today!

The urgency to address plastic pollution is undeniable. Sustainable Salons and Defy Design's partnership serves as a powerful example of taking real action to reduce the need for virgin materials and create a more sustainable future. By transforming plastic destined for landfill into beautiful, functional, and purposeful products, we demonstrate that closing the loop on discarded plastic is not only possible but essential.

The success of our collaboration on The Sustainable Salons Comb marks the beginning of a journey where ingenuity meets environmental responsibility. As we continue to explore fresh avenues for sustainable product development with Defy Design, we remain committed to driving positive change in our industry and beyond. Together, we are paving the way for a more eco-friendly future; one inspired product at a time.

Visit the link below to discover how Sustainable Salons is revolutionising the way we think about plastic waste and fostering a circular economy. Together, we can make a difference and create a truly sustainable future.