Why choose Sustainable Salons?

Here’s a clue: we do far more than recover and repurpose your salon waste ;)

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Resource recovery is just the beginning…

Salons who are serious about sustainability join us to be part of something much bigger.

But ideals don’t drive businesses, cash flow does.

That’s why our program is loaded with benefits for your business, not just the planet and your local community. 

What makes Sustainable Salons different?

Better for the planet
A better way of working
Better for business
Better for your local community

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Got questions?

No. Unlike other resource recovery services our sophisticated processing equipment does not require any materials to be cleaned prior, saving precious time for your staff.

Nope. We don’t believe in lock in contracts. Our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. 

Drivers take the materials to the closest depot in your area where they are sorted, cleaned and processed. See one of our depots in action.